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THE SUM SO FAR: Notables 1990 - 2006
by N.N. Wynn

This coffee table book collection contains notable poems from 1990 through 2006. 152 pages; note space in back of book. $12.99

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PUNCTUATED EQUILIBRIUM, the last short story in the collection by the same title, has been selected by  Walking Bones Magazine for their next Quarterly Edition for Fall 06. Stories will be available online for free by Nov. 15th.
PUNCTUATED EQUILIBRIUM, the novelette, has received some new reader reviews. You can read more about the novellete and reviews or buy P.E. here, and also check out the promotional posters, postcards, and gear.
In need of a spiritual journey? Check out a few excerpts from The Chronicles of Nandii; JOURNEY THROUGH THE HOUSE OF DOORS.
Review all four current works for purchase; The Chronicles of Nandii, Lotus Petals (semi-erotic: adults only), Eclectic: Selected Works and Punctuated Equilibrium, in the catalog.
Coming Soon:
WHEN FEAR IS PRESENT by independent author Neroli Neferi Wynn.
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